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We offer some of the most comprehensive Traffic Management Reporting in the industry. Our custom designed software tracks and reports on over 75 fields of data from your freight invoices. We are constantly adding new reports to address the evolving needs and requirements of our clients. For further examples of our services please follow the links below.

For further examples of our services please follow the links below

 Audit and Payment

 Carrier Bid Management

 Traffic Management Reporting

Our Services

F.A.C.T.S. Transportation Management Programs are specially designed around the unique needs and requirements of each client. These suites of services have been instrumental in assisting companies to better manage the supply chain. We offer a full range of solutions covering all transportation modes. These services include:

Freight Bill Pre-Audit and Payment
Freight Bill Post-Audit Recovery
Bid Management Services
Development of Routing Guides
Routing Guide Posting
Vendor Routing Compliance Reporting
Vendor Debit Memo Programs
Classification Reviews
Carrier Pricing and Mode Studies
Cargo Insurance Reporting
Traffic Management Reporting

To discuss the full range of reporting capabilities please contact our office to arrange a presentation.


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