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Freight Bills Are Received Directly From The Carrier, F.A.C.T.S. Account Codes Gl Account Number Based On Customer Criteria,

Or Freight Bills Are Received By The Customer From The Carrier As Normal, Customer Account Codes Each Bill.

On A Weekly Basis ( On Wednesday) Bills Are Collected And Mailed To F.A.C.T.S.

Bills Are Date Stamped When Received By F.A.C.T.S.

Bills Are Audited For Rates, Charges, Classification, Weights, Discounts, And Other Pertinent Information.

Freight Bills Entered Into Computer Database System Tracking Over To 75 Fields Of Information.

Daily Computer System And Data Backup.

Three Fields Of Invoice Or Pro Number To Insure That The Proper Invoice Number Is Paid

Batching Of Computer Total Of Unpaid Bills, Checked Against Adding Register Tape Of The Dollars Charged On The Freight Bills.

Refund Or Claim Checks Are Entered Into The System As A Credit To The Account And Department The Charges Were Originally Billed Against.

Copies Of The Check And Supporting Documentation Are Made. One Copy Is Attached To The Check Register, One Copy To Customer With The Paid Freight Bills

Check Run Process Includes Matching The Bill Totals From Each Carrier Against The Check Register, And The Amount Paid Against The Daily Batch Cumulative Total

Printed Checks Are Matched With The Remittance Advice And Placed In Envelopes, Sealed, And Stamped.

Fund Requirement Is E Mailed To Accounts Payable, On Wednesday For Funding That Friday.


The Following Weekly Reports Are E Mailed In An Electronic Format Of Your Choice :


Check Register ( 1 )
Billing Report By Detail Dept./ Acct. ( 2 )
Billing Report By Department ( 1 )
Invoice ( 1 )
Dept. / Acct. Amounts Paid   ( 1 )
Daily Batch Totals ( 1 )

Paid Freight Bills Are Returned In Alphabetical Order

Funding Wire Is Received And Deposited.

Carrier Payments Are Mailed.

Process Begins Again The Next Week. Monthly Bank Statements Are Used To Balance All Accounts. 

Cancelled Checks Are Attached To The Check Remittance.

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