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In conjunction with the Preferred Carrier Program,  F.A.C.T.S. can issue a debit memo for the usage of non Preferred Carriers. Any time a carrier is used that is not on the approved list F.A.C.T.S. will prepare a debit memo advising the shipper that the wrong carrier was used, the proper carrier to use, and the cost difference for the shipment. The debits can be set up in a variety of ways. The Debit Memo can just serve as a notification to the shipper that a wrong carrier was used. You could debit the shipper back for the cost difference of the shipment, or you could apply a fine. Currently some of our customers are using the Debit Memo program in a variety of ways. One customer sends a Debit Memo notification out for the first out of route shipment. This is just a notice and no cost is incurred by the shipper. The second occurrence warrants a Debit Memo charging the shipper for the cost difference in the shipment. The third Debit Memo charges the shipper back for the cost difference of the shipment and a $ 150.00 fine. As you can imagine we very rarely send out a fourth notice for non-compliance. The programs flexibility allows you to structure the Debit Memo Program, for your company’s unique needs and requirements. When a Debit Memo is issued, one copy will be sent to the shipper, and one copy to your Accounting Department for application on the vendors invoice. We can also send out copies to anyone that you designate in your company.  Spreadsheet reporting is also available. The cost is predicated on a per Debit Memo basis.

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