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Some of the benefits that our customers have discovered from the Carrier Bid Management program are :

  • Carriers recognize that your company is investing in retooling your transportation program, and are serious about a carrier partnership, and that your company has contracted with a professional service to manage and analyze the bid. This directly affects the quality of the program that the carrier's will propose.
  • Traffic manager's time is spent in other areas that are more productive in reducing costs.
  • The bid process insures that all information that is needed to make an effective decision is available in an easily understandable format.
  • Professional, dispassionate analysis of your company's transportation needs, and the carrier's capabilities in meeting those needs.

When completed the process will :

  • Reduce your Transportation expenditures.
  • Eliminate loss of productivity from cost shopping.
  • Insure quality partnerships with quality carriers.
  • Reduce multiple carrier pick up and deliveries at your facility.
  • Increase service to your customers.
  • Reduce time spent interfacing with multiple carrier representatives.
  • Increase available "value added" services.

F.A.C.T.S. Bid Management services have been instrumental in matching our clients' needs and requirements, with the capabilities of the selected Carriers. We do all of the work preparing, disbursing, and analyzing the requests for bids. We then put all of the "facts" together, enabling you to make an informed decision. The program outline is as follows:

F.A.C.T.S. develops and prepares LTL carrier requests for bid forms utilizing information from your company's traffic data. Bid forms are sent to carriers selected by you. Carriers are given approximately six weeks to prepare their proposals, and return bids to F.A.C.T.S.

F.A.C.T.S. analyzes bids and prepares copies of a bid informational booklet on the carriers proposed pricing, service capabilities, financial data, and other useful and important information.

Bid booklets are tendered to you for review.

Meeting with interested parties to review bids, and discuss strategies and format Carrier negotiations.

Schedule, facilitate, monitor, and prepare negotiating points meetings with Carriers selected as finalists.

Final negotiation meeting if needed with selected carriers.

Prepare transportation contracts for selected carriers covering the agreed pricing, and service criteria.

Facilitate contract signing, and monitoring of said contract.


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